Philips Saeco HD8745 Review

Philips Saeco HD8745 Review
  • Commissioning is easy, the volume is easy to fit in a kitchen a bit narrow.The operation is highly automated but the ability to fill the water meets the desires of cafes looser.Handling maintenance and cleaning is very easy.And last but not least, coffee is VERY GOOD.
    We need to find the right source of coffee beans, but the internet makes it easy.Two small caveats:
    - The volume is high enough, this is probably due to the compactness of the machine. (thermal or sound insulation is still a bit large);
    - The distributor of hot water / steam seems to have a tiny leak.
    Nice machine, a very good alternative to devices using pods of any kind whatsoever, and less expensive to use, the pods are still overly expensive.
  • Fairly compact machine that fits well in my kitchen (do not take more than my Senseo location of the work plan), a disconcerting ease of use.The bottom line is still this: possible adjustment of the milling and the amount of water "small cup" and "mug" for me a third set would have been useful but we can manage easily.Manufacturing quality pretty average (it is not top of the range at this price).

    Obviously like everyone expresses it makes noise, but what does not mill?
    Easy maintenance and mainly goes fairly quickly start the morning.

    In conclusion, I am satisfied with this purchase but the ease of use makes me drink more coffee than reasonable;)

    PS: good start to the first circuit and start the coffee is drinkable until about the 10th (not panic)