Philips Saeco HD8745 Review

Philips Saeco HD8745 Review
  • Commissioning is easy, the volume is easy to fit in a kitchen a bit narrow.The operation is highly automated but the ability to fill the water meets the desires of cafes looser.Handling maintenance and cleaning is very easy.And last but not least, coffee is VERY GOOD.
    We need to find the right source of coffee beans, but the internet makes it easy.Two small caveats:
    - The volume is high enough, this is probably due to the compactness of the machine. (thermal or sound insulation is still a bit large);
    - The distributor of hot water / steam seems to have a tiny leak.
    Nice machine, a very good alternative to devices using pods of any kind whatsoever, and less expensive to use, the pods are still overly expensive.
  • Fairly compact machine that fits well in my kitchen (do not take more than my Senseo location of the work plan), a disconcerting ease of use.The bottom line is still this: possible adjustment of the milling and the amount of water "small cup" and "mug" for me a third set would have been useful but we can manage easily.Manufacturing quality pretty average (it is not top of the range at this price).

    Obviously like everyone expresses it makes noise, but what does not mill?
    Easy maintenance and mainly goes fairly quickly start the morning.

    In conclusion, I am satisfied with this purchase but the ease of use makes me drink more coffee than reasonable;)

    PS: good start to the first circuit and start the coffee is drinkable until about the 10th (not panic)

Krups YY1201FD Review

Krups YY1201FD Review
  • Very small, this machine is very convenient.On the one hand it does what is expected of her: Nespresso coffee. Two sizes of adjustable coffee (coffee for short or long), fast ignition (less than 25 seconds between turning on the machine and when you can start the coffee) and off by itself (after 9 minutes). She made ​​a little noise at the time of use (the high pressure pump ...) but it is short.On the other hand it is really design and because of its small size, it fits everywhere (even on a desk near the PC ^ ^)

    Small problem: the power cable is quite short, and the waste capsules full quickly (10 capsules max.).
  • The Pixie makes a great coffee, like other Nespresso models.This is the cheapest (Amazon is also very well positioned in the price).It is relatively small, but the price of a smaller tank, too, which reduced autonomy.It is also noisier than the other models. In addition, the drip tray fills up quickly, home anyway. It "flows". Leaks?

    For these reasons, if it again, I would take another model Nespresso Citiz undoubtedly one as my previous one.

    A question about the reliability. My Citiz died after a year and a half, so out of warranty (good to know: only labor is guaranteed for 3 years).
  • Very good machine pretty quick, convenient. I appreciate his nice white light that turns red when there is more water, fast warm-up, termination automatically after qq minutes if unused .... It is small, compact and very pretty. A very good value for money.
  • I know the Nespresso system since 1999 and I have personally used until 2008. I had the machine was expensive but it was impractical because of the filter need loading, emptying and cleaning. It was tedious and I therefore abandoned the system. More Nespresso capsules were very expensive, environmentally unsound and impractical to obtain. You must either go through the Internet Club - in which case you must order at least 50 capsules to get the free shipping - or go directly Nespresso boutique - which are few and far from home and still in town, which is a drag for me, because parking spaces are not easy to find and expensive.

    The complaints that I have outlined against the Nespresso system are still valid, however, since competitors have market caps compatible, I am interested in this new system.

    So I found this machine Krups I first tested in store. I find it quite pretty with its modern design. Manufacturing quality ("Swiss") looks good. In addition, the price and a reduction of 60 euros via the website have finally convinced me. I ordered this machine from Amazon because the price it was the lowest I've found. I will not return to service quality Amazon still never read all fields ...

    The machine has been delivered to me one day before the scheduled date. The packaging machine is convenient to open and can be reused for future transportation possible.

    I also confirm that the machine is manufactured with care and comes with 16 Nespresso capsules in order to test the coffees that we like. Installation is easy is fast.

    In actual use, I just blame the machine to be a little too noisy. Otherwise making a coffee is quick and easy. Simply insert the capsule in the top of the machine and close it. Then pressing one of two buttons (Espresso or Lungo) and the machine takes care of everything. At the opening of the lever which has been used to position the capsule, the latter falls into the tray automatically transparent.

    In addition, for a stunning LEDs light up in red behind the transparent tray when the water tank is almost empty. Moreover, this practice is subject to complete and replace.

    The cafes are usually pretty good, but I much prefer the capsules of the brand or Gold Casino. Those of Nespresso are mostly too acrid and unpleasant metallic flavor all because of the aluminum packaging, which is also anti-ecological. That competing brands are plastic and work perfectly with these machines. Their coffee is much tastier and are procured almost anywhere cheaper prices.

Delonghi BCO 260 Review

Delonghi BCO 260 Review
Used for 1 month, we are delighted to have made ​​the right choice. We are not dependent on pods and we continue to use our favorite coffee has become even better, sparkling wish.Recommended for lovers of good coffee.

In addition you can make cappuccinos and hot water heating, which is not specified in the data sheet, this is one issue after training and one you appreciate espresso or creamy cappuccino one!

Purchase very positive, the espresso is sparkling ... and coffee filter paper is very good too with the scroll wheel or light bodied .. yes, I would buy it even if it again ...

I was looking for to replace my Senseo espresso I got tired of the lack of choice of coffee, pods problem that badly put out the "sock juice"
I chose this model for its price and function combined;
  1. Its aesthetic satisfaction (less plastic than the real picture), color variation between the tank and the top of the coffee maker ... damage
  2. Espresso is pretty good practice, coffee a little hard at first, easy to get tanks, preheating fast enough, but no more hot coffee, if you want more heat, simply preheat longer, frothy coffee (more than Senseo), but it depends on good taste of coffee purchased;
  3. Coffee: filter holder impractical to rinse out the fact but not necessarily every day, operates independently of the espresso can be used at the same time as the espresso because different tank and separate switch
  4. Espresso filter for 1 or 2 cups and works with soft pods (type or ESE senseo) BUT the problem is that filter water remaining after the espresso: put water everywhere ....
it still has some drawbacks and especially 1: low height to put a cup under the percolateur: forget the mug and it is very fair for cups "senseo" I will not change my cups no longer, then s' adapted by removing the drip tray, the cups do not move at the start of espresso;
second major drawback: ground coffee all over the worktop but I think this is the problem as other espresso!
In conclusion: very good price / quality ratio and dual function espresso and coffee maker, everything can not be perfect at this price!

Very good value for money.
The small but less alternative:
the color of the machine is said while black is a very dark navy blue.

The machine complies, coffee thanks to 15 bar pressure foam well.
The little ones less: no accommodation for the spoon, and obligation to the machine to warm a few minutes before they serve espresso.

Philips Saeco HD8325/01 Review

Philips Saeco HD8325/01 Review
  • Simple and compact machine that makes great coffee. Of course, much depends on the coffee you buy on the market. The advantage with coffee is that the choice is huge. And if that's not enough, the Senseo pads easily fit in too.Only negative point is the stop button behind the machine.Once the initial operation performed in accordance with instructions, this manual coffee machine with very good build quality is pretty simple to use. It operates with ground coffee or pods. With my usual coffee (Arabica pure Ethiopia - bio), the result is very good. It is also possible to make a cappuccino steam nozzle immersed in cold milk and turning slowly to emulsify.
  • Small flats until probably a little practice: If cleaning is easy all the aluminum filter can not be removed easily from the filter holder (it is also advisable to use a teaspoon to do), the machine may be a bit noisy, it must choose its location on certain surfaces because it tends to vibrate a little. In this case the cups move slightly and coffee no longer falls within (but the drip grid is planned for!).
  • Despite some negative reviews which made me afraid, I ordered this product and am satisfied.I found the taste of coffee as before ... and the aspect is nice (nice foam).

This machine is a great product - already the most: the choice of ground coffee that you can buy in roasts - What gives us immense pleasure in the taste buds when you are fond of roasted coffee - Personally This is an advantage that makes all the difference to devices that use pods industry.

There are many other benefits that are personal: the on / off button on the back - children no longer play with! And what about the cream: a real treat ...

Manual adjustment of the length of coffee is also a plus as well as the functionality of the cup warmer.

On the negative side, it will take a few months of use, or more ... for the moment, I do not see!

Delonghi EC150 Review

Delonghi EC150 Review
Very good machine

Perfectly stable, not shake cup.Coffee convenient, ergonomic, with a small storage space under the hood for the filter (1 or 2 cups ). It takes up little space.Excellent cappuccino nozzle functionality: easy, dense milk froth in 2 minutes!
Beautiful coffee mousse rapid heating time, just 3 min.

Compared to so-called big brand (which often prove disappointing), it is of excellent quality.I had to buy a Magimix, I gave up, it seems they are all the time down.Do not spend more than 100 euros for an espresso, they are all equal (engines are the same)

This is our third machine of this type. We have a fairly large consumption of coffee (6-10 coffees a day) and the machine has a life of about 1 year and a half. Except that the coffee is smooth with a nice foam. It seems that these machines can not last for any more pressure required. As not to pay too much, so it's a good compromise!

Only coffee drinker short, this article meets our desires, the heating time is fast water, the nozzle is a great milk froth (for cappuccino true in Italian), the round "coffee cup "especially is very crucial to make a good espresso (and yet it is not necessarily present on all machines!). The only problem is that the supports for the double espresso or espresso, do not remain fixed on the foot (or handle) to realize that removing the coffee grounds a little tedious (or is it just me who is usually my job to another with technical support both fixed!)