Delonghi BCO 260 Review

Delonghi BCO 260 Review
Used for 1 month, we are delighted to have made ​​the right choice. We are not dependent on pods and we continue to use our favorite coffee has become even better, sparkling wish.Recommended for lovers of good coffee.

In addition you can make cappuccinos and hot water heating, which is not specified in the data sheet, this is one issue after training and one you appreciate espresso or creamy cappuccino one!

Purchase very positive, the espresso is sparkling ... and coffee filter paper is very good too with the scroll wheel or light bodied .. yes, I would buy it even if it again ...

I was looking for to replace my Senseo espresso I got tired of the lack of choice of coffee, pods problem that badly put out the "sock juice"
I chose this model for its price and function combined;
  1. Its aesthetic satisfaction (less plastic than the real picture), color variation between the tank and the top of the coffee maker ... damage
  2. Espresso is pretty good practice, coffee a little hard at first, easy to get tanks, preheating fast enough, but no more hot coffee, if you want more heat, simply preheat longer, frothy coffee (more than Senseo), but it depends on good taste of coffee purchased;
  3. Coffee: filter holder impractical to rinse out the fact but not necessarily every day, operates independently of the espresso can be used at the same time as the espresso because different tank and separate switch
  4. Espresso filter for 1 or 2 cups and works with soft pods (type or ESE senseo) BUT the problem is that filter water remaining after the espresso: put water everywhere ....
it still has some drawbacks and especially 1: low height to put a cup under the percolateur: forget the mug and it is very fair for cups "senseo" I will not change my cups no longer, then s' adapted by removing the drip tray, the cups do not move at the start of espresso;
second major drawback: ground coffee all over the worktop but I think this is the problem as other espresso!
In conclusion: very good price / quality ratio and dual function espresso and coffee maker, everything can not be perfect at this price!

Very good value for money.
The small but less alternative:
the color of the machine is said while black is a very dark navy blue.

The machine complies, coffee thanks to 15 bar pressure foam well.
The little ones less: no accommodation for the spoon, and obligation to the machine to warm a few minutes before they serve espresso.