Delonghi EC150 Review

Delonghi EC150 Review
Very good machine

Perfectly stable, not shake cup.Coffee convenient, ergonomic, with a small storage space under the hood for the filter (1 or 2 cups ). It takes up little space.Excellent cappuccino nozzle functionality: easy, dense milk froth in 2 minutes!
Beautiful coffee mousse rapid heating time, just 3 min.

Compared to so-called big brand (which often prove disappointing), it is of excellent quality.I had to buy a Magimix, I gave up, it seems they are all the time down.Do not spend more than 100 euros for an espresso, they are all equal (engines are the same)

This is our third machine of this type. We have a fairly large consumption of coffee (6-10 coffees a day) and the machine has a life of about 1 year and a half. Except that the coffee is smooth with a nice foam. It seems that these machines can not last for any more pressure required. As not to pay too much, so it's a good compromise!

Only coffee drinker short, this article meets our desires, the heating time is fast water, the nozzle is a great milk froth (for cappuccino true in Italian), the round "coffee cup "especially is very crucial to make a good espresso (and yet it is not necessarily present on all machines!). The only problem is that the supports for the double espresso or espresso, do not remain fixed on the foot (or handle) to realize that removing the coffee grounds a little tedious (or is it just me who is usually my job to another with technical support both fixed!)