Philips Saeco HD8325/01 Review

Philips Saeco HD8325/01 Review
  • Simple and compact machine that makes great coffee. Of course, much depends on the coffee you buy on the market. The advantage with coffee is that the choice is huge. And if that's not enough, the Senseo pads easily fit in too.Only negative point is the stop button behind the machine.Once the initial operation performed in accordance with instructions, this manual coffee machine with very good build quality is pretty simple to use. It operates with ground coffee or pods. With my usual coffee (Arabica pure Ethiopia - bio), the result is very good. It is also possible to make a cappuccino steam nozzle immersed in cold milk and turning slowly to emulsify.
  • Small flats until probably a little practice: If cleaning is easy all the aluminum filter can not be removed easily from the filter holder (it is also advisable to use a teaspoon to do), the machine may be a bit noisy, it must choose its location on certain surfaces because it tends to vibrate a little. In this case the cups move slightly and coffee no longer falls within (but the drip grid is planned for!).
  • Despite some negative reviews which made me afraid, I ordered this product and am satisfied.I found the taste of coffee as before ... and the aspect is nice (nice foam).

This machine is a great product - already the most: the choice of ground coffee that you can buy in roasts - What gives us immense pleasure in the taste buds when you are fond of roasted coffee - Personally This is an advantage that makes all the difference to devices that use pods industry.

There are many other benefits that are personal: the on / off button on the back - children no longer play with! And what about the cream: a real treat ...

Manual adjustment of the length of coffee is also a plus as well as the functionality of the cup warmer.

On the negative side, it will take a few months of use, or more ... for the moment, I do not see!